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Whole Home Air Purification Systems for Sioux Falls

By combining ozone and ultraviolet technologies, CulliganAir™ not only reduces many common airborne molds and bacteria in your air ducts, it eliminates common odors and freshens stale air.

We’ve treated your water since 1936. Trust us to do the same with your air. Breathe easy with Culligan’s NEW air purification systems. CulliganAir™treats residential and small business applications! 

Poor indoor air quality can be a problem for many people. So how is the air in your home? Here are some common characteristics of poor air quality:

  • Unpleasant pet odors
  • Annoying tobacco odors
  • Unappetizing cooking odors
  • Stale air
  • Bacteria
  • Mold
  • Odors caused by fire damage
  • Kitchen and bathroom odors

CulliganAir™ air purification purifies air throughout the entire home*, using ozone & ultraviolet technology. Better yet, it installs in your ductwork for automatic and silent operation. 

Air Purification Systems for a Cleaner, Healthier Home in Sioux Falls

Indoor air quality is important, because the average human spends the majority of their life indoors – 87% on average, according to the EPA.

  1. Benefits of CulliganAir

    • Anti-fungal reduction from mold (Penicillium funculosm) in ducts tested greater than 99.9%
    • Anti-bacterial reduction (Serratia marcescens) in ducts tested greater than 98%
    • Odor reduction from smoke, pet, musty smells and cooking
    • Freshens stale air


    • Aluminum Enclosure – lightweight and corrosion resistant
    • Integrated airflow sensor allows the unit to operate only when air is flowing
    • Electronic ballast specially designed to optimize lamp life and efficiency
    • Variable output ozone lamp easily adjusts from .025 to .100 grams per hour


  2. Optimum Safety & Efficiency

    The ozone system is designed to react only with odor-causing contaminants that are in the duct system. Prior to entering the living space, the ozone reverts back to oxygen, leaving clean, fresh air in your home.

  3. Laboratory Testing

    In a laboratory study, UV light from the CulliganAir™ system was found to reduce the survival of bacteria in the air by greater than 98%. The study also concluded there were no detectable levels of ozone in the living space. The maximum ozone output of the Culligan unit is below the OSHA/EPA regulations for ozone levels in air.

  4. System Specifications

    • Each unit treats up to 3,000 ft2 or(278 ft3/min at 70°F 55% RH)
    • Bulbs last 2 years depending on usage
    • Indoor use only
    • Ozone outdoor control only active when air is flowing

    *Based on central HVAC system. Each system requires CulliganAir™ unit. 

Top Products

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Culligan HE Smart Softener

Aquasential™ Smart High Efficiency Water Softener

  • Smart brine tank auto-monitors salt levels
  • Convenient auto-bypass valve
  • Reliable non-corrosive valve
  • Worry-free maintenance
Culligan Smart Reverse Osmosis Filter System

The Aquasential® Smart Reverse Osmosis Water Filter (RO)

  • 7 stages of filtration and 12 filter options
  • Certified for reduction of 58 contaminants
  • 2-in-1 sediment and carbon filter screens out sediment and particles
  • Can alert you and your dealer when service or filter replacements are needed

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Air Purification FAQ

We Have Answers!

How Can a CulliganAir Air Purifier Help Your Home or Business? 

Common air quality concerns are prevalent throughout Sioux Falls. Our CulliganAir air purifiers remove most contaminants and pollutants in our region, including the following:

  • 94-100% of viruses, bacteria, and molds
  • Select germs
  • Allergens including pollen
  • Dust mites & other micro-organisms
  • Exhaust from fans or appliances
  • Tobacco smoke & other airborne residues
  • Building materials including carpet, dust, even asbestos
  • Household cleaning products affect breathing

Your central air and HVAC system, combined with air moisture and humidity, form an environment for contaminants to thrive. Give us a call today to learn how we can help your air quality!

How Can Poor Indoor Air Quality Can Cause Problems?

A Culligan Salt-Free Water Conditioner is virtually maintenance-free while reducing the potential damaging effects of pesky compounds like calcium Poor air quality can contribute to headaches, fatigue, sensitive eyes, nose and throat, and exasperate longer-term illnesses including lung and heart disease as well as more serious medical conditions. The CulliganAir Air Purification Systems is designed to improve air quality for you and your family efficiently and cost-effectively. Start with a free air quality analysis from Culligan of Sioux Falls!!